About me - INTI ALMA, Discover your Inner Sun


My name is Terri van Ommen. For years I worked in a (demanding) technical business environment where my biggest goal in life was to excel in my career. At the age of 33 I ended up in a hospital bed where I came to the conclusion that I had lost my connection with everything. With nature, with my environment, but above all with myself. During my years of wandering in the Netherlands and abroad I studied various alternative disciplines. I also worked with patient groups within the allopathic medicine. My path was revealed to me when I undertook a course in the 'Inca Medicine Wheel'' and ''Complementary Healing Techniques'' ‘with doctor and Inca Healer, Médard van Leeuwe. I was so enraptured by the teachings that I became his assistant for the years that followed so as to deepen my knowledge of these ancient teachings. 

Eleven years ago I traveled for the first time to the Andes in Peru where Medicine Woman Bernadina told me: "You came here to remember what you've forgotten." This resonated deeply within me and felt so true, it was then that the seed was planted within me and the desire to follow my destiny. Since then I guide others on their journey, so that they start to remember what they have forgotten; the compound itself, reconnecting them with their own nature.

After my travel I started Kuychi, with the slogan ‘Connecting People with (their) Nature. I started to organize ‘women circles’ and gave a year training for women with elements of Medicina Inca. I have also given individual sessions and I still do.

For the last seven years I have been teaching 'Medicina Inca', a path of awareness for men and women. As of recent years I have been mainly teaching on the Azores and on the mainland of Portugal. 

During this time I have also organized Holistic Travels to the Azores, an idyllic archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Part of these trips are swimming with wild dolphins, meditation and (nature) coaching.

In recent years I have deepened myself in Kinesiology, NLP, Nutrition (Bloodtype and Ayurveda), mindfulness and was an editor of the magazine "The Nature your Doctor".

Inca Medicina, however, is the path of my heart, I like to stay between the medicine people to grow as a human being, to increase the connection with myself, "All that is”, the visible and invisible world.

I hope to meet you, here or there, to discover together how beautiful your Nature, your Inner Sun is and to walk along this beautiful Path of the Heart.